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岸上供电系统 (OPSS)

想要定制? 与专家联系



  • V6 系列
  • W6 版本

想要定制? 与专家联系

* 不同配置可能会影响性能表现。例如,电缆的长度会影响其信号传输、数据同步或充电的速度。


Power through your operations with simultaneous quick-charging capabilities & worry-free control

Onshore PowerCharge Source System

Power through your operations and extend your ROV’s diving time with simultaneous quick-charging capabilities and worry-free operational control. 

[Highlights below are in reference to the V6-series version; for further details on
the W6-version's Onshore PowerCharge Source System, please contact info@qysea.com]


Operate & Charge Simultaneously

Fast charge your underwater robot wherever your adventures take you. Experience a continuous workflow of operations without needing to return onshore, increase the efficiency of your missions by over 95%.


High Capacity Quick Charging

Built with 130 Watts of output power, the Onshore PowerCharge Source System provides fast charging to 70% capacity within 1 hour.



Rugged & Waterproof System

The Onshore PowerCharge Source System delivers an IP67 waterproof rating and is capable of operating at depths of between 150 meters to 350 meters. The system is suitable for rain, winds, and snowfalls so you can operate and explore worry free.



Innovative & Safe Design

QYSEA uses treated aviation aluminum and other high-quality materials in its build and design, ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of its charging system. The OPSS is also with multiple patented protection and safety mechanisms against overheating, leakages, overcharging, and much more.




Inside the Box

[Visuals below are in reference to the V6-series version; for further details on
the W6-version's Onshore PowerCharge Source System, please contact info@qysea.com]

  *Quick Start Guide Included*




Operation Temperature -10℃~65℃
Output Voltage V6 Series | 12.6V DC MAX 10A
W6 Version | 25.1V DC MAX 12A
Input Voltage V6 Series | 100~250VAC~50/60Hz MAX 2A
W6 Version | 100-260V AC, 47-63Hz
Connection Pluggable Waterproof Plug
Depth V6 Series | 150m
W6 Version | 350m
Waterproof IP67
Which FIFISH ROV model is the add-on tool compatible with?

This add-on tool is compatible with the following FIFISH Underwater Robots:

  • – FIFISH V6s